The island of Saint-Barthelemy is part of the French territory.




European travelers must be carrying their identity card or passport. However, if they wish to circulate freely in the surrounding islands, they will have to carry a valid passport. No medical formality is required. 
American and Canadian citizens must carry their passport or a certificate of birth and an identity document with a photograph and a return ticket. 
Citizen of some countries MUST obtain a specific VISA from the Department of ‘Outre Mer’ of Guadeloupe delivered by a French consulate before being authorized to enter to the island of Saint-Barthelemy. (non exhaustive List: South Africa – Brazil – Colombia – Dominican Republic – Georgia – India – Morocco – Peru – Russia…) Consult the French Consulate as soon as you plan you trip.

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Euro is the official currency but the US Dollar is accepted everywhere.


The official language is the French language but English is widely spoken.


In St Barthélemy, the electricity is 220 volts and 60 Hz for the entire island. However, most hotels and villas use transformers to supply 100V power.


 As there are no rivers or fresh water sources in Saint Barth, rainwater collected in cisterns comes in very handy during periods of drought. In addition, the island has an active facility to desalinate ocean water, and provide city water to most homes, but is very expensive. This means that water remains a precious resource and should be used intelligently, in moderation, without thoughtless waste.


 To call St. Barthélémy from Europe: 33 590 590 + (six digit number)  From the USA: 011 590 590 + (six digit number)



Saint-Barthélemy keeps the same time as the rest of the Caribbean (to calculate the proper time in Saint Barth, add or subtract from the local time in your country):

France -6 hours

North America (East Coast) +1 hour (no difference during Daylight Savings Time)

Japan -13 hours

Australia -14 hoursAfrica -5 hoursRussia -8 hours



Dry Tropical Maritime, which means that there is no rain season, the average temperature varies between 78°F and 89°F.



 There is a hospital at Gustavia. Many doctors: specialists and general practitioners are present on the island. You will find also several pharmacies. A Medical analysis laboratory and a radiology center.



Anglican and Catholic Churches are located in Gustavia, Lorient and Colombier.